The "Learning by Example" series, by

Robert B. Mellor, DSc, MBA. the author

Dr. Robert B. Mellor lectures both at the Copenhagen Business School and at the IT University of Copenhagen. He has over 18 years university teaching experience, is examiner at several Universities all over the world and expert advisor for the European Commission.

During the next few years, Internet programming (server side, client side and middleware) will become subjects routinely taught at School and College level. However few teachers are able to write course material themselves. So if you are a teacher (or a student) then why not benefit from Dr. Mellors long experience? All source codes, FAQs and tips (the "afterword") are available from the web-support.

These books are aimed at becoming the standard material for introductory Internet programming courses. Each contain 26 coding examples, followed by a detailed explanation. Theory, tips and new concepts are introduced "along the way", both in the body of the text as well as in the examples.

Each of these books have been developed from actual courses. They are very practical and the students themselves have repeatedly evaluated all of these courses as "excellent". The e-business book "Innovation Management" also won the Ministry of Science "innovation prize 2003" whilst the Association of Engineers found the e-learning prizeworthy.

Experience shows quite clearly, that when students sit down at their PC and read/work through the book, then they will be able to achieve the vast majority of the programming within 4 weeks. The appendix material gives added depth and interested students are encouraged to explore the area further through the list of web links at the end of each book.

Within a few weeks of being published, "ASP - Learning by Example" was Amazons most highly recommended book on ASP both in the UK ( as well as in the USA ( This book is now standard course material in several Colleges and Universities in the US (e.g. California State, Charleston State, East Oregon and NY State universities), in the UK, and in other European Union countries (e.g. University of Ulm). The DHTML and XML books also received excellent ratings (see for details). They have received praise from e.g. Dell, Source Forge, Phesis (open source) and developers in diverse countries like Argentinia, Denmark, Netherlands and Japan.

So why not check these books out for yourself?

Client-Side Server-Side Middleware
DHTML - Learning by Example ASP - Learning by Example XML - Learning by Example
DHTML Afterword ASP Afterword XML Afterword
DHTML Codes (zip, 34 KB) ASP Codes (zip, 18 KB) XML Codes (zip, 29 KB)

These and my other books form a complete 2 year (2 times 2 semester) course for vocational or masters degree students in IT.
My suggestion is:

Year 2ASPXMLA course on e-business, e.g.:
Innovation Management
A specialist project course, e.g.:

Year 1


The basis course: The Web Managers Handbook