DHTML - Learning by Example

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Congratulations on finishing the course "DHTML learning by example". You may well be proud of yourself and asking, "where do I go from here". So here are a few pointers.

The first tip is that if you think you have really understood the book, then you can get a certificate from an approved college

The next best piece of advice is to practice until you are proficient. After that you should decide if you want to concentrate on client-side or expand your horizons. However you should be aware that you can really do a lot with Client Side. One useful trick is hiding variable values in the frameset document, so you can call literally hundreds of HTML files into the frame, transferring (adding and otherwise manipulating) the variables as you go. I think though, that that will have to wait for an "advanced" book.

1. Client Side.

Your next targets as a programmer will be Java2 (applets) or even go right over to Java and XML. However if you are more interested in graphics then Flash is very useful and could interest you.

2. Server Side

We have already touched on Server-Side by mentioning Java. So now your decision should be between jumping on the Microsoft train (ASP and .NET), or to go more Open Source (PHP, but also Java). UNIX/Linux or the NT4-derived servers? Think carefully, because many corporations and goverment authorities are already on board the Microsoft train. This is because they can always send their staff on MS training courses, or get new MS Certified staff. It is the easiest and safest way for them .....

3. The Browser Wars

You may not like it, but the Browser Wars are over. MS Internet Explorer 4+ won. It is also a d**m good browser, so enjoy it

4. Life after DHTML

I hope you have got a few pointers as to what to do now. The days of getting inspiration from other peoples code are not quite over. If you see an effect you want, but the command menu is disabled (yes, you can do this in MSIE5+), then open the cached file in an ASCII editor!

Good luck.

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